Bromelain/quercetin is actually a combination of bromelain, which is a natural anti-inflammatory that is derived from pineapples, and quercetin, which is a plant pigment or flavonoid that is outstanding in apples and onions.

The bromelain/quercetin greatly plays a vital role when it comes to inflammatory conditions like case of allergies and eczema. This combination of products is important in fighting such inflammation, so bromelain/quercetin is considered the best solution for such kinds of problems.

Probably one of the major advantages of using a combination of bromelain/quercetin capsules and other forms is cost and convenience. This is the often reason for most studies because combining the two is said to speed up the healing and so prevent the patient from buying some more anti-inflammatory supplements. Most of the studies also consider using bromelain/quercetin as a smart move to take. It is perhaps for the notion that bromelain/quercetin has the power to increase the absorption of quercetin in the bloodstream.

For further interest, the combination product bromelain/quercetin also provides the greatest possibility that the inflammation and itching caused by eczema may respond more rapidly than the usual application of the individual supplement. Such a positive effect of the bromelain/quercetin also holds true when treating common allergy problems. The quercetin in particular, as a natural antihistamine, has the power to help in relieving hay fever and other allergic reactions. Combining the two may increase the rapid healing of such a problem.

In terms of applying the bromelain/quercetin combination product, it is necessary to try to get appropriately the same amount of milligrams of both bromelain and quercetin for much better results. However, finding a combination product of bromelain/quercetin may be a little tough, so an approximation is what most of the experts highly recommended.

With regard to the overall impact made by the bromelain/quercetin combination product, it is highly maintained that no problems have ever been reported. However, it is still necessary to use extra caution when combining the two supplements for treating a specific disorder or inflammation. This also holds true in terms of combining the bromelain with anticoagulants or blood thinners like coumadin or warfarin since the bromelain as an extremely mild blood thinner itself might enhance the effect of a second blood thinner.

Perhaps the best approach for using the bromelain/quercetin or even the individual supplement is, especially for those who are concerned about the possible interactions with bromelain/quercetin, is indeed to refer to its dietary information or somehow the dosage recommendation. Such a move is the best key to using bromelain/quercetin properly.

Bromelain/quercetin is noted for its being safe. However, even if bromelain/quercetin is generally considered safe even at high doses, it is still important to avoid taking this combination especially in cases in which you have an active gastric or duodenal ulcer. It may just worsen the condition. In addition, be aware that bromelain/quercetin has the ability to cause an allergic reaction like red and itchy eyes, sneezing, running nose, and throat irritation, especially to those who are really sensitive to pineapples. And the best key for better safety is indeed to contact the doctor before taking the bromelain/quercetin combination product when you are on prescription anti-inflammatory medication.

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