Alto Grande Decaf Gourmet Coffee was founded in Puerto Rico back in 1839. It has been grown and processed at the Alto Grande Hacienda in Lares, Puerto Rico. Lares is a town located in the central mountains of Puerto Rico which has a climate perfect for growing coffee. Alto Grande decaf gourmet coffee consists of only the finest Grade A Arabica coffee beans and uses the Swiss water decaffeination process. Its quality is the direct result of the time and attention Garrido has devoted to every single Alto Grande coffee bean. There are only three Super Premium Coffees in the world and Alto Grande, in regular and decaf, is one of them.

Alto Grande Decaf Gourmet coffee is recognized by the most prestigious and demanding coffee companies in the world. Its outstanding quality is the result of the time and attention that have been devoted to the carefully harvested selected Arabica coffee beans. Also, the processing begins with the careful selection of the finest beans which are used only in Alto Grande Decaf Gourmet coffee. These future Alto Grande decaf coffee beans are grown at an altitude of up to 3, 000 ft. and need eight days to process. Remember that most specialty coffees take a couple of days to process.

Once the beans are picked, they are sent to the hacienda. Only fresh ripe coffee cherries that have been picked within the last eight hours will be accepted. They will then be put in a specially designed float tank. The coffee cherries that rise to the top will be rejected immediately. Those that sink has the properties required to become Alto Grande coffee. This is how strict the process can be, suited only for the best.

Each future Alto Grande Decaf Gourmet coffee bean has its pulp removed and goes into a second float and wash cycle. Next, the beans will then be moved to special pools, where they are removed and washed every three hours with fresh water. The constant exposure to water is critical to the product, ensuring the beans perfectly washed. Even the water source is carefully selected. It should come from a well 600 ft deep, exceeding the purity level standard for bottled water. Once used for washing, the water is never reused and should be discarded.

After the completion of the wash process, the dry process starts. The beans are rotated every 45 seconds and dried slowly at specific temperatures similar to sunlight. It takes at least 5 days for the coffee beans to dry. Once dry, beans will be laced in a parchment to protect from humidity while waiting for its turn to become part of the legend. Now that you know how the process goes, I think I saw a big question on your forehead saying: how does it taste? Well, Alto Grande Decaf Gourmet Coffee is described to have a bright sparkling flavor, heavy body flavor with a fragrant aroma, and a pleasant aftertaste. Yes, it’s truly a perfectly balanced cup of coffee- your kind of cup of coffee.

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