Panasonic Massage Loungers are the first massage chairs to be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association (A.C.A), which is the largest association in the world representing Chiropractors. Panasonic chairs earned this recognition by designing chairs that provide deep tissue relief, thus relieving tense muscles, and offer complementing benefits to chiropractic and orthopedic care.

The Panasonic EP1272 is an attractive chair with a contemporary design and boasts high-quality leather upholstery for an affordable price. It also has one of the most unique massaging features that differentiates it from any other massage chair: the Hawaiian Wave massage, which is a moderate rubbing motion across the back as if stimulating the strong hands of a therapist (it’s an “Island Thing” which goes well with the company of a pina colada!). Other techniques featured in the Panasonic 1272 include Swedish, Shiatsu, Percussion, Compression, Kneading, and Tapping.

Another unique feature about this massage chair is its float massage mechanism for smooth fluid movement simulating motions of the wrists from a personal therapist. You can power recline in this chair, making it effortless to make yourself comfortable and relax. The ottoman is also power reclined, a separate feature to allow you to set your own personal angle of comfort. You can select to either pamper your feet by placing them in the air massaging wells or choose to indulge your calves by angling it downward and placing your legs in the air wells instead.

This reliable chair has proven to be an effective choice for many patients with Fibromyalgia or FMS for pain relief and overall improvement of functions. The multiple sessions and massage heads, along with a less powerful stroke and a wide coverage area can, over a short period of time, diminish the painful symptoms of Fibromyalgia, as well as many other chronic pain disorders.

Four pre-programmed massage sessions will make your life easier. You can decide which one fits your current need and just press a button. Or you can customize the 8 different techniques to suit your preferences. In combination with the air massage for the calves or feet, the benefits seem limitless.

And with 135 square inches of massage coverage, and also the largest massage area of any massage chair in its price class, this is a one of a kind. It’s certain to fit many users under one household as well, with its ability to conform to 5 different speeds, 3 massage track widths, 5 shoulder height selections, and an impressive 27-inch massage stroke length of the back, there is little left to be wanted from your massage chair.

Don’t forget the stretch session, which is made effective by the air massage in the ottoman, squeezing the legs while lowering and raising in 20 Degree increments, thus assisting to relieve pain and tension in the low back, hips, and thighs. Very similar to the HT-125 by Human Touch.

The sessions have an automatic shutoff after 15 minutes. The scheduled time is preset, so it can’t be increased or decreased. If 15 minutes is too long, just stop the session altogether and restore it to its upright position. The price is right, as well, making this model more affordable than the higher-priced Panasonic 3222.

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