Numerous claims have it that Maui, Hawaii is one of the best destinations on earth to get married. Well, this claim is true for the fact that Maui has a lot of wonderful things to offer. It has all the modern amenities you’ll need for your wedding day and the place is easy to get to. A lot of wedding options, from locations to planners, and to everything you want for your wedding, await you. It is just up to you to decide where to say your I do’s.

So it’s given that Maui is the best place to get married. The question now is, when exactly you can schedule your Maui, Hawaii wedding?

I know for sure that you want your Maui, Hawaii wedding to be a highly memorable event. After all, your Maui, Hawaii wedding is one of the most significant events in your life. So it should be unforgettable and perfect as possible, meaning that no distractions must occur, be it physical or a natural phenomenon.

So when planning for your Maui, Hawaii wedding, it is best to note the right time to get wed. Note the weather and the perfect wedding seasons in Maui, Hawaii. Always remember that there are four different seasons in Maui, and each of them can affect the course of your Maui, Hawaii wedding. So determining the best season is as important to choosing the right groom. Consider the following seasons and set your wedding based on what you really want or expect from it.


Spring in Maui, Hawaii can be a good season to take your vows. A reason for this is that during springtime, lots of showers and rainbows occur. Many flowers bloom and this is even the time when flights and accommodations on the island are at their lowest prices.


Summer, on the other hand, is a busy season for families with children. This is even the time when most people come to warm up, and perhaps what makes summer great for your Maui, Hawaii wedding is that everything is in luxurious bloom. The days are even longer with long twilight evenings. The beach is calm and beautiful. With all these characteristics, it’s no wonder that most of those who are thinking of sunset beach Maui, Hawaii wedding consider summer as the perfect season to get married.


Maui, Hawaii also has the fall season. This season is said to be a quiet time for a Maui, Hawaii wedding and it is during this period that prices on travel and accommodations are lower, just like in springtime. However, what makes this season less favorable for a perfect Maui, Hawaii wedding is that the temperature tends to be toasty, flowers are not so available, and the majestic waterfalls on the east side of the island are on their lowest flow.


Finally, there is the wintertime which is but a high season. A great number of people flock to the island for vacation, so if you want to make your Maui, Hawaii wedding possible during this period of the year, then book as early as possible. The availabilities for accommodations and trips will quickly decrease and the prices will tend to soar up high. Perhaps what makes this season perfect for a wedding is that the holiday decor abounds, and a number of activities are available for newlywed couples to enjoy.

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