1.) Ezine Advertising — One great way to build traffic to your favorite affiliate program is to write a personal endorsement for it. To double or even triple your profits send the same letter out several times. For example, send the letter out first on Tuesday. Then on Friday send the same letter with a new subject line. “Did you get this?”

If you don’t have your own ezine or it is a smaller one, you can always advertise in other people’s ezines. Always add the subscriber’s first name to your mailing.

2.) Website advertising — Place an ad in a prominent place on your website. Link this ad to a personal endorsement for your favorite affiliate program or an autoresponder course that promotes your favorite affiliate program.

3.) Pay Per Click Ads — PPCs are the fastest way to get traffic to your website. One of the best PPC search engine is Google Ads. Spend some time learning about how to use Google Ads before you place an ad.

4.) Forums And Message Boards — These are great places to find targeted visitors for your website. Most don’t allow blatant advertising, but they do allow you to include a few bylines about your product or service.

If you have an internet marketing related product or service, some great forums are

5.) Email Signature File — Same as the signature file that you’d use in the Forums. Just place it at the end of your outgoing emails. You’d be surprised how you can benefit from this recycled traffic.

6.) Article Submissions — Write a few articles between 350 -500 words and submit them to ezines that are related to your product. Include some words about yourself and your business at the bottom of the articles.

7.) Co-Registration — You basically pay a small fee for each subscriber the co-registration service sends your way. You can make money from these subscribers by having them join your autoresponder series that promotes your favorite affiliate program, selling top sponsor ads in your newsletters, and sending special offers to your subscriber base.

8.) Joint Ventures — The way to be successful with joint ventures is to be consistent and get used to being turned down. It’s a numbers game. It takes many no’s in order to get a yes and the yes’s pay off big. Bryan suggests contacting 20 people a day.

9.) Free Ezine Ads — Google the phrase “free ezine ads,” “free ad when you subscribe” or something similar. Use these free ads consistently to bring traffic to your site.

10.) Submit Testimonials — Submit testimonials with your name and website to your favorite products. If you can’t afford to buy products, join related ezines, and submit testimonials for the ezines.

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